Dear Trusted Friend

Not too far back in recent history, I was approached by a dear trusted friend who said, “I think you’re supposed to write more…maybe a book.”

The surprised look on my face must’ve given her a hint that I thought she was crazy, so she continued on – “actually, let me back up…”

“I was recently praying for you during my quiet time and I was deeply impressed by the Spirit that you should be writing more. Maybe a magazine article…maybe a book…maybe it’s as simple as a blog…but it was so strong that I had to tell you this. Do with it whatever you want.”

I dutifully nodded my head in agreement, and would’ve loved to have disengaged my sarcasm filters and scream “Dear trusted friend, let me pray for your sanity! I’m busy enough as it is…I don’t need more stuff to do!”.

But, for a rare moment of time (that may never be repeated), I was silent.

I couldn’t say anything to deny what she was saying, because I had already heard the Spirit’s voice to me weeks earlier (actually…months may be more accurate). When the Spirit spoke to me, I rationalized it away as my own pretentious, preposterous idea that had a flair for the pompous.

I obviously got it wrong. (Sadly, a not so rare moment of time.)

God graciously and kindly revealed His plans for me to a dear trusted friend who is attuned to His loving voice and she gently relayed His message to me. Thank you dear trusted friend.

So…I guess I’ll be writing more.

My desire is that through my musings of life, we will know and experience the Father’s love so that we can be empowered to walk victoriously in wholeness and confidence as we advance God’s Kingdom in a hurting world.

But for today, I’m learning once again, that God stretches people beyond what they think they’re capable of doing…and He will get our attention one way or another.

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